Saturday, September 10, 2011

Video It

since i got nothing to do on a gloomy saturday (yet, why im having a difficulty finding time to do my assignment? LOL), i decided to follow a friend of mine to Kulai, Johor for a wedding video job.
place is about 3hour drive from KL~
after the GPS failed on us and being lost several time,we finally arrived! have i mention that this place damn huge piece of land filled with palm trees?
eating and enjoying the live band while waiting for the bride to get ready
working time~

on the way back,we stopped in Melaka for dinner and reached home around 3 a.m

here a video from the previous wedding job by Videokan

Firdaus + Dira 22 July 2011 from Latip Videokan on Vimeo.

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Freedom-spec and Videokan will do a collaboration on the next wait for it hehe!

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