Wednesday, October 26, 2011


was driving Jyu to 7 eleven yesterday and can't help noticing the weird stare people around give when they looked at the it because the loud exhaust noise or the gold color model 6 that have been attracting the crowd~ 
or maybe i think its because im paranoid of driving a car with an expired roadtax LOL =P

okay,seriously the gold have got to go.. Black FTW!


pandapirates said...

Hmm I like em both, but I kinda dig the gold, never been a big fan of black on black haha

singbluesiliver said...

is it okay,if i just paint one side black and the other side i leave it gold~like matt powers car?LOL

pandapirates said...

lol.. just paint each wheel a diff color.. like skittles!

yus said...

abit of lighter black i suggest?
but black like super advan is cool!!

singbluesiliver said...

Brian - lol now thats new!

Yus - i was thinking the same thing

slappy said...

I like those wheels!