Thursday, October 20, 2011

Part 3 : Roadtrip Hat Yai

Thanks to our local friend Pet,he bring us to visit a few performances workshop in Hat Yai that is full of nissan chassis 

but with a Jz hearted inside~ i swear out of all the cefiro i found there all of em are using a toyota engine .. more on that later
more nissan and no Xseries :(
the fake te37 SL was an 18x9jj offset +20 FUFUFUFUCK! 
Fanta time!

window shopping at the night market like Boleh land Petaling Street
Chicken Rice

continue walking around
place where we staying,the street was filled with Malaysian Tourists LOL
my second dinner~why am i always hungry whenever i go travelling? hehe


slappy said...

I like that E70

singbluesiliver said...

yeah,seldom we see a 2 door e70