Monday, November 7, 2011


thanks to Doug of Foot-Nort for finding this awesome pictures of the X8!

three 81 and a 100
my inspiration car hehe
i had a dream about 2j last night~could this be a sign?LOL

i want flares! but considering my 17x9jj offset 20 wheels are kinda a pussy~never mind huhu 


Anonymous said...

Ahhh don't do this to me, so much awesome in one post! Its not helping me want to sell mine. Maybe ill have to keep it and throw in the vvti 1jzgte. Got your stickers thanks bro, ill send you some garage slipway ones soon!

doug said...

thanks for the sticker azrin!

singbluesiliver said...

waz - ur welcome bro..haha maybe u should keep it..i myself also cant stop drooling looking at the pictures hehe

doug - ur welcome bro,and thanks for the cool pictures!

Isidro said...

omg these pictures.... O_O
azrin thanks again for the sticker you sent me a while ago ;) I still don't have anything to put it on :(

singbluesiliver said...

Isidro - ur always welcome bro,its okay, take ur time :D im hope u can get ur dream car soon