Friday, November 25, 2011

not much

lately i been buried between work,class and assignment,
weekdays daily routine, working 8-5pm, workout or sleep 5.30-7pm and class 8-11pm make the days past so fast.
while on the weekend either i spend it with family and friends or i just sleep all day long haha =P
my life is boring and pretty much the same.
saving money for a vacation in December,its the last for the year 2011 (i think~)
after i get back from that, hopefully i pick up where i left off with Jyu. 
so whats new? roadtax still expired,turbo haven't yet been change, the battery is dead, starter develop a problem.. the major contributing cause for all this? 

the end.


slappy said...

Have fun on your vacation man, & spend money on yourself, the car will always be there ;-)

singbluesiliver said...

Thanks slappy,haha i will.its just sometimes i feel sad seeing the car been left out and just parked all the time ;-)

u take care okay!