Wednesday, January 4, 2012

32 bug

for no reason,these few days i can't stop thinking about it~hmmm


Farique said...

there's one selling in port klang.. a 4 door white.. very good looking with R33 GTR wheels me thinks.

singbluesiliver said...

nice,can u give me the detail on the place?thanks in advance bro

Farique said...

If you are coming from Klang, head towards Port Klang and after passing Pantai Hospital (on the left) after the fly-over, drive up until reach traffic light junction and make a u-turn. Right after making a u turn, be sure to quickly enter the exit of the 3 lane into a small single lane on the left (infront of Ford's car yard).

The shop you'd be looking for is a 4x4 accessory shop. Sometimes the 32 will be inside or outside the shop with a bottle of engine oil on top. Haha.

Good luck bro. I just happen to live somewhere around there. =P

singbluesiliver said...

Thanks for info bro! will check it out soon =)