Sunday, January 8, 2012

White Bars Company

this was supposed to be a surprise until the thing is actually out but considering this blog are lacking update on Jyu, i guess its okay~
back in Nov '11 my friend Dennis, a X8 owner from the Philippines, asked me whether i can sent my car to Ultra Racing because he needed measurement to make all bars possible for his in the making cressida drift car.without hesitation,i am gladly to help. 
after the appointment was set,i arrived at the UR headquarters.
had to leave home early to avoid KL heavy traffic and the police~
driving around town with no roadtax is not fun LOL
 turns out Ultra Racing have already produce the bars for X8 model,so i guess they will only be measuring about 3 to 4 new bars more.

once all is done,i will go back there again for fitting.

as for me,im just glad that Jyu can contribute in making aftermarket parts for X8


pdot said...

wei folow link ni
hopefully leh jd sngt nk masuk KLN dpt posting wei
haha cm bdk dlm blog ni
KLN putrajaya now kt poland
syok gle travelling

singbluesiliver said...

haha ok,kalau dapat la

Anonymous said...

Thanks azrin...hehehehe...

singbluesiliver said...

ur welcome hehe