Monday, July 2, 2012

last saturday, nick from Rattlezasia and held a private drift practice at Nilai 3.
Since i dont owned a cefiro and my car is still in the workshop,i decided to hitch a ride with them.
considering it is a small place and a private session, only 4 cars are invited that day. 
 crazy May!
shitty failed paint editing~
nick was also kind enough to let me drift with his car and teaching me a thing or two.

Evan first drift lesson

many-many thanks to Nick, May, Evan, Jai Kepong, Xpitt, Za, and esp. Faisal for the permit to use the open space.
overall it was fun,but it be more awesome if i got my car with me hehe


Anonymous said...

haven't been on this blog for a while but it seems i will be doing a lot of reading tonight! haha

Tommy / pink cefi said...

Looks like a fun day out with the ceffy guys =)

singbluesiliver said...

mark - enjoy reading hehe..btw love reading ur blog!

pink cefi - hey bro,thanks for dropping by my blog hehe,yeah its was an awesome day =)