Saturday, October 27, 2012

x have many sibling

almost forgot to update on the 
Malaysian JZ Meeting 2012 
SpeedCity KL
29 September 2012
 Big X from 80,81,90,100 and Verossa

 as requested Yus,more pic of the 90

 honestly which one do u prefer?
 spot the z?
90s mark II and uncle looking cresta 100
 drifting white lion 
 freedom-spec represent
 really need to stop depending on lousy camera phone
 walrus and jyu
 instagaram shit
 rusty look on the 90? errrrr
same-same but different


Slappy said...

I want to visit your place just to hang out with some 4dr owners!

singbluesiliver said...

you should come and visit me someday slappy