Wednesday, May 28, 2014

ORT offset steering rack adapter installation

so most us know that the r32 have really small steering angle due to its double wishbone setup. since i cant afford to change to a McPhearson setup any time soon, i decided to get this instead
an offset steering rack adapter from ORT (u can get it from Drift House)
and while we are in the same topic,i also bought a pair of s13 adjustable tension rod and
a pair of r33 lower arm. 
(doesnt look much difference but its 10mm longer compare to the r32)
fast forward a few process,this is how the adapter position.straight and facing forward.if its position at 45 degree just change it to the other side. (the adapter got left and right side)
here is the subjective part,
in my case i have to re-thread the tie rod by 2cm (need to ask the machine shop to do it) and
cut the end by 2cm
for more angle purposed,u will also need to relocate the steering stopper on the lower arm (grind,reposition and weld) but im not gonna do that since i still use the car for daily.
here is the result of before and after.
i must say that is alot 
(mind that im using a GTR fender,it is more wide compare to GTS model and i havent done a proper alignment yet)

i hope this shitty post help you on how to install the ORT offset steering rack adapter on a r32. i think it also apply to other nissan chassis like 180sx, s13, A31, s14, r33 

Monday, May 12, 2014

mad respect

DREAM.BUILD.DRIVE from Matthew J Cox on Vimeo.

"if your mind can conceive it then your hands can achieved it" Nigel Petrie