Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tokyo : Part 18 : A Friend From Tokyo

Personally,i didn't know who is Keiichiro Yamamoto in person when i add him on Facebook few years back.
but i do know he owned a jzx81 Mark II and a members of team White River / 81 tension
 (jzx81 drifting enthusiast)

As planned earlier Keiichiro or Kei was supposed to take me to Daikoku Futo to see street drifting but he was down with a fever that day. 
feeling really bad,he drove his jzx100 mark II all the way from Inagi to Shinjuku just to meet up with me
the car was pretty much stock with 1jz vvti with auto transmission but Kei already have plan to make it Drift ready by next year.
Believed me when i said cars like this only cost about 260,000 yen in japan,convert it to Malaysia Ringgit around rm8,000.00!!! 
what type of used car u can buy with rm8k in boleh land??
a Toyota Corolla KE70 with a 4age.... =.=|
Did i tell you that we both have language issue? I don't understand Japanese while Kei's obviously, english. solution? google translate! (its not 100% correct but at least we got the idea of it)
Alot of things were talked over a cup of coffee about life,cars, and culture between the two countries.

till next year Kei!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Tokyo : Part 17 : Yasukuni Shrine

we can only return the rental car when the shop open at 8:00am 
this is our hotel for the night

every sunday,there is a flea market at Yasukuni Shirine
this is where you will find unwanted used, mostly unique,weird old school stuff that is for sale
like a superman plate from 1976 
bottle and biscuit jars?


even ufo?

a man in a old school japanese army uniform 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Tokyo : Part 16 : Street Drifting

the gallery are full, and its time to start to show! 

crazy crowd,i estimated there were atleast about 60 cars parked on the side of the road

the fun was put on hold as the cop came with the blinkers on!
everybody run to their cars and drive away (just like a scene from Fast and Furious LOL) 
it will took them between 30 minute to 1 hour to regroup and start again.
 i cant stay and wait for another round as the time is already 3.30 am

here is a short video summary of trip there,courtesy of my buddy Fubuki Asami

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tokyo : Part 15 : The Spot

all the cars that we follow stop and parked here,at a big junction near the factory area
for some reason this place look so damn familiar~
then i remember all the "daikoku street drifting" video from youtube!
haha i can't believed that i am actually here
the car
the enviroment
its just too good to be true

more and more cars start coming. 
soon to be painted
i have to say,there is alot of 4 door here

this is got to be my favorite that night! Jzx100, Mark II, Red, BN Sport, huge wing!
the only jzx90 i saw
"D" Thang

working on it
free flow!
suddenly a wild evo appears!
oh man,street drift cars at its best!