Thursday, October 2, 2014

tokyo : part 10 : Omori Factory

if you are in tokyo and a fans of Nissan Motorsports,then is the place to visit. Nismo Omori Factory is located in port area of Yokohama. 
upon arrival we were greeted by this nice looking Stegea at the parking lot.
Nissan Motorsports or Nismo is a Motorsports division under Nissan Motor Co. Ltd that its major business activities are to design and develop race cars,plan and sales competition parts for production vehicles.  
i was a little bit dissappointed that i dont get to see the Clubman Race Spec 34 GTR  which its spot was replaced with a 2014 GTR Nismo (yes folks,the very same car that marked 7:08 at Nurburgring)
Brain for sale anyone?
serial number : 033
the next time i come to japan, i promise i will at least learn how to read~
Fine Spec Final Edition
Japan GT 35
on the wall,there are about 70 emblems and logo of motorsport clubs from all over the world that nismo have associated and recognized
and one of them is "Kelab Sukan Motor" Malaysia
the heart is the engine
the old nismo logo
miniature of all nissan cars in motorsports

while the soul is the driver
retired from its motorsport days
A part from the showroom, there is also a workshop,catering customer vehicles and all of the skyline there are GTR hehe,i dont see any GTT or GTS lol
a lady among the gents
undergoing some major work
tap to brake
Bayside Blue and friends
super copper mix
as long its a nissan,its welcome here
another one waiting its turn

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