Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tokyo : Part 13 : Daikoku Futo

Saturday night,its starting to rain in Yokohama and the time now is about 10pm when we left Mooneyes for Yokohama Station to catch our train back to Shinjuku.
inside the bus,i kept thinking about Daikoku Futo parking area,i know it is very near from here and it will be such a waste if i didnt go there.
After a short discussion with my friends,we all agreed to rent a car and drive there. But first we need to find a rental car company fast because its almost 11pm.
with the help of Google,we located 3 rental car company that is near the Yokohama Station.
whatsapp me okay hehe
hey japanese version of Liyana Jasmay~
the first company is closed,while the second one ran out of cars (its saturday night) and this is the last hope for Daikoku Futo PA. 
Luck is definitely is on our side as we manage to rent the only available car that night, a Nissan March.
all four of us cant read or understand japanese,so we asked the sales person to set the navigation for Daikoku Parking Area and we're off!
after paying about 1000 yen (RM30) at the toll booth,we entered the highway
this isn't part of the itinerary but definitely the highlight of my tokyo trip!
this really feel like a scene from Wangan Midnight!
the rainbow bridge

then as we arrived at the parking area exit,shit happen....
 the police fucking closed the place!!
i was feeling down,i didn't paid 10,000yen (RM300 car rental) and drive all the way for this.
so we went driving around trying to find our way in to the parking area,
after almost 30 minute,we figured out there is only one entrance and one exit to the place.

to be continued~

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