Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tokyo : Part 15 : The Spot

all the cars that we follow stop and parked here,at a big junction near the factory area
for some reason this place look so damn familiar~
then i remember all the "daikoku street drifting" video from youtube!
haha i can't believed that i am actually here
the car
the enviroment
its just too good to be true

more and more cars start coming. 
soon to be painted
i have to say,there is alot of 4 door here

this is got to be my favorite that night! Jzx100, Mark II, Red, BN Sport, huge wing!
the only jzx90 i saw
"D" Thang

working on it
free flow!
suddenly a wild evo appears!
oh man,street drift cars at its best!

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