Sunday, November 30, 2014

Box of container

NorCal Construction Shipping Container Home Time Lapse Movie

Monday, November 24, 2014

freedom spec

credit to Ciscokids

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tokyo : Part 25 : Up Garage

went to Up Garage in Minami Machida  
hmmm it look so familiar. can recognize it even in the dark
 i was correct lol
 the only supra i spotted during my whole trip 

decided to buy one for my car hehe

a big thanks to Sohul for entertaining us while we were there!
 rempit in malaysia are crazy about these type of helmets
 there was a workshop beside upgarage with some potential drift cars but it was closed already

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Travel Tokyo : backpacking

Japan was awesome whether you are a car enthusiast or not. Even though i was there for only a week,its was the best placed that i have visited so far. 
Upon coming back,i was bombarded with question like, 
was Japan expensive? how much money did you bring? where do you stay? what do you eat there? do they understand english? how do you move around? is there any guide helping you?  etc,etc,etc..
So I decided to share this post to help my fellow friends (with a small budget like me) who are interested to visit Japan, esp Tokyo
My total spending for a week in Tokyo cost less than rm2.5k (Including flight ticket, accommodation, transportation to 20 places and foods. shopping however, not included lol)

here is the brakedown

flight ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo Haneda (return)         rm815
 accommodation for 7 days 6 night                                            rm500
pocket wifi rental for 7 days                                                       rm105 
train transportation to 20 places                                                 rm300
TOTAL                                                                                   rm1720

was Japan expensive?
for me,i have to say yes, this is due to the currency rate
(100 yen are equal to rm3) 
average starting price for an item there are 100 yen and roughly one souvenir (keychain or fridge magnet) would cost about 1000 yen lol

how much money did you bring?
i bring about rm4,000, thats about 130,000 yen
for back up,always activate your bank and credit card for international usage 
(you will never know when shit is going to happen)

where do you stay?
average price for hotel room per night in Japan is around rm200
i rent a small room that fit 3 person, in a house at west Shinjuku area for rm70 per night / 1 person
stay with the house owner,share the common area like toilet, living room and kitchen
you can search at 
with the house owner friend,Joe.the house is 8 minute from the JR okubo station. 

what do you eat there?
for muslim, halal food is not that hard to find,there a few pakistan, indian, and turki restaurant around town (Halal of course) but the question is are you willing to pay rm15 for a kebab or rm30 for a plate of white rice and a bowl of minced chicken curry 3 times a day?
as for me i bring 12 packet of instant noodle's and Brahim's ready to eat 
egg, serunding (beef floss), chicken curry, sambal ikan bilis (anchovies in chili paste?lol) this is pretty much what we eat everyday
vegetable,egg and rice we buy it at the convenient store there, (fyi 5kg of rice is about rm60) 
there is a kitchen in the house,so we cooked 

do they understand english?
No,majority of people in Japan doesn't speak english, but they will try as best as they could to help you out!

is there any guide helping you? 
aside from google map
no guide at all lol~ 
(just kidding. i got a friend of a friend who are working in tokyo to assist me sometimes.thanks Pejan!)
i print all my places of interest route from google map,it is 95% accurate (from route for walking, to train schedule, station,and exit) 

how do you move around?
 walking and by train,in Tokyo you don't really need to rent a car if you're town hopping,their public transportation are so efficient and well managed! 
see the chart on top of the two guys,that's the map of JR stations for tokyo area.((JR = Japan Railway company,noted that there are many train company in Japan. JR are managed by the Japan Goverment (cheaper ticket price) while the rest are private))  
yeah its a bit confusing at first because its all in japanese~ i give it a day max,after that you will become an expert about this train ride lol
fyi-if you know where you going but don't know how much it gonna cost,press the minimum amount of 160 yen(rm4.80),ride the train and at the station exit,just go to the fare adjustment rate machine and top up the rest.

Other important things

Before you go
1) search airasia website frequently for cheap ticket~lol 
2) study the places that you wanted to go first, example weather, route, train or bus availability, operation hours. at least get the idea of what to expect once ur there.
3) plan your daily schedule,make itinerary, so that you will save time and money on the train ride 
4) if possible,travel by group of 3 or 4,the cost like accommodation,food and others will be cheaper after being divided equally. 
5) in advance buy extra luggage online.its cheaper, example: airasia-online 20kg is about rm60 but if you buy it at the counter, the price is double.Unlike Malaysia, airport in Japan are very strict about the weight of the luggage. 
6) be fit,get some stamina and exercise because taxi ride are expensive (once the taxi doors open,meter start at rm7 lol) lot of walking will be involved there. (use a suitable shoes as well)

Once there
6) rent the pocket wifi (rental booking online) 
why is it important? because you need internet connection to open up google map or google translate~lol
example of a portable pocket wifi,can connect up to 10 devices at one time.
no doubt most places now have free wifi service,but its going to be a hassle asking people around for the password~
7) powerbank, you will be out most of the time,needed to charge the phone and pocket wifi 
8) if possible, avoid the train rush hour (going and back from work,last train ride for the day), you will be packed like a sardine in a canned
9)if ur lost,don't be shy to ask around,bow ur head and smile,like i said before majority of people in Japan doesn't speak english, but they will try as best as they could to help you out.

i think i covered most of the part
hope this help
have fun and enjoy ur trip!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Tokyo : Part 24 : Ameyokocho

Ameyokocho - one of Tokyo oldest Market Streets

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Tokyo : Part 23 : Akihabara

Electronic and Anime town