Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tokyo : Part 21 : History Garage

colourful ferris Wheel
tokyo tower?
entrance to Megaweb 
Odaiba park at night is just so beautiful 
Toyota have created a small museum called History Garage inside the Megaweb building,
famous make and model from different generations are display here

from mini scale model like
to real cars

being here its like going back in time...
speaking of time travelling..great scott! 

with all the cool cars to view,you can take ur time and relax at the coffee shop downstairs
3sgte = Champion Engine!
for sale~
entrance is free but you need to pay for the souvenir LOL 
i decided to left my souvenir at the History garage!
should you be there take a picture with it and i'll sent you some freedom-spec stickers!
(hint: it is beside the red 86)

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