Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kidsheart of Aichi

From Nagoya station we took a train down to Inazawa station
 Inazawa seem like a quite boring town out skirt of Nagoya but that not the reason im here
moving on,we then took a taxi ride to Ichinomiya 
 something to remember that taxi ride in Japan are expensive haha! 
but its either this or a 30 minute walk to the station 
 the taxi stopped as the gps notified we have arrived at our destination
 behold KIDSHEART!
 for those who didnt know, back in the days KIDSHEART was the official Nissan authorized workshop for Sileighty conversion.
it was recorded that 400 Sileighty were made by this shop. Nowadays the main business are used cars dealer and workshop
inside the workshop one cant help noticing all those Trophy on the shelf.  
yes, i am here to meet the driver of BEE*R R324 and the legendary pink JZX81 Mark II, Tsuyoshi Tezuka
Sadly Tezuka was out of town during our visit. He was in Russia for a drift competition.
but nevertheless his right man Kazumasa Sekido was there to help us.
Despite the language barrier Sekido try his very best explaining and answering our question on everything we need to know using his phone translator. 
(their Japanese to English translation apps is so damn precise compare to our shitty google translate hahaha) 
some of the freedoms parts project on display
 Oh FYI there is a also small RC track on the side of shop
 some of the customer cars
customer drift cars to be exact lol 
 stock kouki
the art of sticking sticker on a sticker on the wall
another customer drift car hehe
unlike tokyo,workshop here have plenty of open space 
a good looking type x
 this is what Sekido drive, a road legal s15 
 Tezuka used to drive this r34 gtt as well,looks like its not been running for quite sometimes
 some might remember this r35 steagea wagon from Tokyo Auto Saloon not too long ago.
 hey hey! thanks Sekido!
here is also one of the reason,to see this car live.
it was so unreal! 
that is pretty much what i got on KIDSHEART. still got a few more pictures left.
maybe next time
i personally want to thanks Sekido for his hospitality through out our visit at KISDHEART.
we will be back and probably go to YZ circuit like you told us to! haha