Monday, August 8, 2016

The Metal Pandas

Since last saturday (August 6) was 86 day,i guess it's not too late to make a post about one Hachiroku shop i visited in Kyoto last year.  
Carland AE86 is a shop that restore and sell hachiroku
like this levin 
and the trueno pandas!
the condition of the cars that was rebuild here look like it came out of the factory! 
20v Blacktop engine that is going in on one of the 86
aaaaa the iconic 4age,i remember my old ke70 using the same engine,such a fun combo
a fanboy must know all these stickers right?
during my visit,the shop was busy preparing the cars for initial D legend movie roadshow,that explains why there a so many takumi spec 86 around lol

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