Monday, January 16, 2017

Travel Yogyakarta : Part 5

this is the main reason i went to Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Kustomfest 2016!

hope to return again this year!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Emperor : Koguchi Power

i have the opportunity to visit Koguchi Power during my trip to Japan last year,located not far from Nissan Tochigi plant in Utsonomiya, 
 The journey was a little challenging considering its in autumn (november), temperature is around 10 degree Celsius and it gets dark quite early. (sunset is around 4:30pm). From Ishibashi station,i took a taxi and got lost (google maps gone crazy again,plus i had to walk an extra 2km and lets not forget how expensive taxi fare is lol!).
long story short,i made it! Koguchi isn't around that time, nevertheless the showroom was open and his girlfriend Yuko,was there to show us around! 
Upon inside,i was greeted by this 2 really healthy looking cat (obese to be exact lol)
Yuko did mention their name but being me,i forget..
moving on

next the workshop!
Koguchi D1GP car
remember the silver 180sx street car? i believe this is it

 the red s15 bodykit inside is from this car

D1GP US chaser is still there!

fat ass,but missing the big Koguchi Power wing
that is pretty much what i got on Koguchi Power
here is the coverage that Mike Garrett of speedhunters did on koguchi's place 8 years ago
finally,i would to say thank you to Yuko for the warm welcome and helping me to get a taxi back to Ishibashi station!