Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Travel Yogyakarta : Part 3

continuing where i left off
dinner at roof top of neo malioboro hotel
train station
overlooking malioboro street

beginning the next day super early at 4am to catch sunrise at Punthuk Setumbu. about 1 hour drive from Malioboro street
since it was a foggy morning,we didn't get to see the sunrise
but the view is still beautiful
and enjoying breakfast there is definitely fun!
next,we headed to Gereja Ayam (chicken church) not far from the look out point.
the walk to the place took about 10min

it was a steep uphill
there it is,the big chicken building

okay,a little info on this gereja ayam,
in the early 90, once a man goes by the name Daniel Alamsjah claimed he got a vision through a dream to build a Church/prayer places for all religion but in shape of a pigeon?! (hence explained the crown on top of the head), he also mention the white pigeon is a symbol of cleanliness that all religions have. (the local just called it "gereja ayam" or "chicken church"lol)

the construction was stop in year 2000 due to lack of funds,and it was abandoned for few years before the Indonesian government decide to turn it into a tourist spot. 
entrance fee is 15,000 rupiah per person

inside there is a large hall like u see in every church 

since it was a public holiday,there is a lot of local people visiting,we had to queue up to get to the top and each group only given about 15 minute max.

you can see punthuk setumbu from here
to be continued..again

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