Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Travel Yogyakarta : Part 4

Next is the Candi Borobudur
entrance fee is 250,000 rupiah

And Last stop of the day is the Gunung Merapi tour (40km from Candi Borobudur)
1 hour tour cost about 300,000 rupiah per jeep

bunker,before and after

Dinner before we head out back to the hotel
Sate Klatak is a grilled lamb meat using a metal skewer 
FYI the metal skewer used, is from a bicycle wheels
"klatak" is actually the popping sound produce during the grilling process
sate klatak is usually served with rice,
tongseng (soup)
and spicy soy sauce
delicious! a must try if ur in yogyakarta
price for a set starting from 20,000 rupiah

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